what if the dog’s name is Duck and the duck’s name is Hunt

Headcanon accepted.


return to oz study • characters 

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i’ve never been past franklin before.


return to oz study • characters

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i am only a machine. so i can not be sorry or happy, no matter what happens.



why do people feel the need to humanize every non-human character……?

I mean it’s one thing to be like “I think it would be fun to design what this character would look like as a human” and that’s fine, I’m all for that

but in two of the fandoms I’m in, humanizations are so prevalent and it seems like you’re almost more likely to find art and even fics of the human fan designs than the characters in their canon forms….

tumblr + nonhuman character = instant human character, no exceptions

It’s not just Tumblr, though. It’s any website with any fandom. DeviantART. Livejournal. Fanfiction.net. Nearly ANY website, even before Tumblr was around, would have a pretty decent amount of humanized characters.

It’s frustrating being a fan of nonhuman characters, to say the least.

…OKAY so I haven’t gotten that many comments on the fanfics I uploaded to dA but I decided to check on the viewcount for some of them, and…

That’s the viewcount for A Little Test.

I uploaded these a WEEK ago. How the heck are they suddenly getting 30 views in one day?! I didn’t think fanfics got read that much on dA!

There’s something screwy going on here, though—only every other chapter has an absurd amount of views. The other ones have like 7 or 8 views. Are there bots going through my fics or something? What the heck? O__o;


i’m really confused??

so glados dies outside of the facility but still behind the gates

but then i don’t think we see a gate in the beginning of portal 2? it looks really gross and looks kind of like a swamp when you turn her back on

and then later when you’re freed you come out of this odd porta potty looking thing in the middle of what looks like a wheat field?? i’m so confused

It’s possible that whole parking lot caved in. (Given what a single Michigan winter can do to a parking lot, I can only imagine what a few DECADES of winters would do to one that’s not being maintained…) There’s a lot of holes to the surface in Aperture before GLaDOS wakes up, so maybe she fell back into her old chamber.

Later on, we see that GLaDOS (or whatever central core happens to be there) can move the central chamber to some extent. In the first game, it’s not too far from the surface. In the second game, GLaDOS presumably brings it down lower, and then later Wheatley brings it up higher—as evidenced by the fact that we can see the moon when part of the ceiling crumbles away. Then at some point between Wheatley’s flying out into space and Chell’s waking back up, GLaDOS moves the central chamber lower again, as evidenced by the sheer number of floors the elevator passes before reaching the shed on the surface.

That’s about the most I can figure of it, anyway.



…On Dipper’s certificate…?

*gets out book* *checks page*

I don’t see any—



I’v almost got finished it. I’ll post it when I get the chance.

I went through and solved it myself. XD; Took ages to do. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you want to see, you can look at the most recent posts in my gravity falls tag.


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These are the last of Bill’s codes but there’s one code on Dipper’s certificate I’d like to try cracking. I’m currently working on it so I’ll post it along with the Bill Code masterpost. Here are the last of the triangle’s codes:

"Dipper and Mabel’s father worked in computers."

"Robbie secretly draws anime."

"The invisible wizard keeps untying Dipper’s shoes."

"The government can be forgetful."

"Growing up is optional."

…On Dipper’s certificate…?

*gets out book* *checks page*

I don’t see any—




Have you ever tried reading the same fanfic like three times because everyone raves about it, but you can never get through it? But you can never remember why so you go to read it again and then the same thing happens over and over? Like it’s not necessarily bad but there’s some incomprehensible quality that keeps driving you away and swiftly departs from memory.

There’s at least three fanfic this has happened with and I cannot remember what made me back button. Should I try again? Will I make it through this time, or will I zone out in the middle again and wake up, miles from home, mused and confused and reenacting the plot of the Hangover? Where am I? Where did I get this baby? What happened in that fanfic that brought me to this point? H E L P

There’s some powerful witchcraft at work here.


maybe this is just a headcanon and please don’t flame me for it being a dumb idea BUT

my mind was totally blown by that whole conversation between GLaDOS and Wheatley, where she’s talking about what he is and where he came from, and she said ‘every bad idea i had was you.’

the way i interpret that, i mean, it explains her mood swings, and why she kept trying to kill Chell despite clearly caring a lot for her. everything she’s done, in Portal and in Portal 2, was Wheatley. It’s never been GLaDOS. It’s always been Wheatley.

I don’t know, I thought about that last night as I was playing through and wow fuck that was just? changed the whole experience for me really.

also at first i was having a hard time buying Wheatley as evil because of the voice, but his freakout where he slams you into the pit wow ok.

But that’s not it—the cores only affect her when they’re attached to her. It’s not always been Wheatley—he wasn’t attached to her at all in Portal 1 or 2.



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yeah I know what u are meaning, he is similar but it isn’t exactly the same. I think it’s just that it’s like Blue Sky it was something that came out FIRST and was COOL and really is close enough, even if it isn’t 100% it is pretty close

but everybody went KFJXKSHFJDJSJ about him and Blue Sky both because they ARE so close and idk

never saw the appeal personally

As far as Harry’s Wheatley impression goes, I think it’s that he nails Wheatley’s tone of voice pretty well, even if he doesn’t get the accent and voice itself down.

What really kills it for me is when I hear someone who can imitate a character’s voice almost perfectly, but then they talk in a tone that that character would never use. I would rather have a person who can get the tone of the voice down rather than the voice itself.

Though I remember someone else who could do a Wheatley impression with both the tone and the voice pretty well IIRC—they made some audio posts… I remember one of them was with Wheatley trying to convince kid!Chell to go to bed or something? XD It was cute, whatever it was. That person did a really good job, I felt, but they weren’t as well-known as Harry, so…


return to oz study • characters

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i’ve been alive such a short while, and i’m afraid of spoiling before i’ve seen anything of the world.