Ha!  He’s finally done!

I’m back in Halifax now and going off of the Dipper and Mabel gifs I did before, I wanted to do one of Bill!  I’ve been working on it off and on for most of this week but it’s been a fun exercise.  Mabel and Dipper’s gifs have been inbetweened now so expect cleaned up/coloured/shaded versions of those up sometime in the future too.

Karen done an amazing work on this gif!! O.o she is talented!!

Holy wow, Karen!


OH GOSH I was on mobile earlier and wondered why everyone was freaking out about what appeared to be a pretty simplistic drawing and then I saw that it was supposed to be a gif, so I liked it so I could go back and find it later when I was on my laptop and OH MY GOSH I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. THAT IS AMAZING HOLY SMOKES.

Hello yes I am still doing Portal things

I’m actually working on a hugemungous Portal-related project and here is a preview of it. Part of a larger image; the rest of it isn’t finished so I hid the sketch layer and cropped it so you could just see Wheatley.

The project probably won’t be finished for a good while (maybe not until sometime early/mid next month?) but I’m working as quickly as I can. You’ll see it when it’s done.

(And yeah this is the main reason for the delay in crow-ley updates. Sorry about that, but I really want to finish this since I’m already so far into it. I’ll get it done and get back to crow-ley ASAP!)

Portal Secret Santa anyone?


Hey everybody! It’s getting to be that time of year again, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to get the probe out there. If you would be interested in participating in the Portal Secret Santa, please like or reblog so I have an idea of how much interest there is. Please reblog this post so that fellow Portal fans can see this and have an opportunity to put in their two cents. Liking, commenting on, or reblogging this post DOES NOT mean that you’re committing, ONLY that you might be interested in participating.

Additionally, if there’s anyone who would like to join the PSS team, PLEASE let me know. Being on the team mostly entails making sure that applications are filled out correctly; randomly matching participants for Santa-recipient pairs; and ensuring that their prompts are compatible.

I will be very busy this school year, and unless I have some help on this, I will not run it. Many hands make for light work, my friends.

Spread the (hella early) holiday cheer!

I was just thinking about this yesterday!!

YES I am very much interested in participating in the Portal Secret Santa; that was incredibly fun last year!









Chrome, please stop this.


ok i was confused i thought it was just my shit or soemthing becus i seen nothing about this shit

oh so it’s not just me. ok

i’m using firefox and i’m getting that too.

it’s not just chrome.

Yeah, it’s not happened to me on Firefox myself, but only Chrome hence why I blamed Chrome. :’)

ACTUALLY it’s tumblr! it’s a new, stupid option. here’s how to turn it off


this post saved my life


(Source: molokomoko)


…So are images behaving really weird for everyone else or is it just me? O___o

For real, large images are suddenly teeny tiny and on the top corner of posts, and when you click them to expand, they go to their normal size but the “high res” link collides with the text below.

Then small images (like sprites) are enormous.

Seriously is there any reason for this or is this only happening to me or…??

Okay seriously is this not happening to anyone else? O__o


RIGHT, I’m going to start over now that I have my thoughts together. I was just playing yesterday and I realized that GlaDos in fact never says anything to make you attached to the cube, in fact if anything its the opposite. According to the dame developers they used this reverse psychology to nudge the players into keeping the cube with them so they would go back and forth all the time. It’s not until after you leave the testing area that she tells you it is alive and can feel pain and etc. But at this point she has all of her cores and would still be telling the truth. Not sure where I was going with the dens but whatever. Its actually pretty common to think the cubes are dead test participants, I just took it a step further.

Having the cores doesn’t mean she’s going to tell the truth; she still lies throughout the game.

The point is, GLaDOS was specifically trying to get the test subjects to feel emotionally attached to the cube and then cause them mental anguish by forcing them to incinerate the cube to complete the test. Nothing in the chamber proves that Companion Cubes are sentient since the entire purpose of the test is to cause emotional distress to a test subject by forcing them to “kill” something they’ve grown attached to.

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