For anyone who’s been blogging about that Five Nights at Freddy’s recording that appeared on 4chan recently. I’m the one who made it, just to set the record straight! (I’d been showing it to some of my friends and they asked to post it on 4chan since I don’t really ever go there myself)

Here is the updated version I’d made as of last night! Enjoy :D

OH HEY wow this is even creepier than the first version. o____o;;

WARNING for changing volume (gets really loud at one point) and general creepiness if you don’t want to get startled by that kind of stuff.

  • Track Name

    Bonnie's Welcome

  • Album

    Based /vg/

  • Artist

    Based Anon




Please listen to this. It’s so good it hurts.

Warning for short,sudden volume changes and glitches as well as the other creepy shit that comes with fnaf but damn that’s good acting.

Woooah, this is chilling.

This threw me off because Bonnie’s voice in-game is pretty low-pitched and masculine, but otherwise, this is very well-made and utterly chilling. Brr.

Finished Night 3! Thanks for watching, folks! :D And sorry I couldn’t keep up with the chat—Twitch’s app was bugging out on me. Buuh.

I’ll go to play the rest of the game soon! For now, gonna work on my silly crossover fic.

OKAY Twitch is up now! I’m going to start setting up a stream to try Night 2 of FNaF again.

This time I’ll be checking the cameras more, partially because it may be less stressful for me than constantly checking the doors and not knowing if Bonnie and Chica are nearby, and partially because it will probably be more entertaining for those watching the stream that way.

If you want to watch, the stream will be here. I’ll start working on setting it up right away.

NOTE: I don’t know if I’m going to go to Night 3 if I beat Night 2, partially because this game is so stressful and I could barely handle it last time.

Well… I caved in and bought the full version of FNaF on Steam. It’s only $5. XD;;

Good news: It continues from the demo!

Bad news: It’s making me replay night 2.


At least I don’t have to replay night 1, but… I’m gonna attempt to pass night 2 again right now. If anyone wants to join me, I’ll be setting up my twitch stream in a bit. I’ll only be playing once, though, whether I win or lose.

OR MAYBE I WON’T PLAY AT ALL RIGHT NOW because Twitch is not working for me at all on either my phone or my computer. What the heck?

what if rick was the guy in pirates cove it could be renamed like something that has to do with adventure? or cowboys maybe?

Ahahaha, that’s actually a really cool idea, but I think that would work better for a parody as opposed to a crossover like I’m doing. The animatronics are the same characters as in the game, just with a few differences to make the merge between Portal and Five Nights at Freddy’s work.

In a parody though, with say, the cores as the animatronics, that would be an AWESOME idea. XD

…Y’know with all the Foxy gif edits I’ve seen, I’m kinda surprised no-one’s slapped Adventure Core over Foxy’s head and added the text “ADVENTUUUUURE” as he’s running down the hall or something. XP

no-lynch asked:

Wheatley's Nights at Freddy's? Speaking of WNaF, I am among the group that would very much enjoy continuing reading the story. It has an interesting setup thus far.

Hey, that could work, especially given I haven’t determined exactly how many days it’ll be…

Also, the snippet I posted is actually in the middle of the second scene—there’s a whole scene before that, plus more to the scene I posted. And I’m still working on it, so~! I’ll see how much I can finish today. It’s bizarrely fun to write.

simonbitdiddle asked:

Five Night at Animal King Turret's

XD;; Thanks, though not sure if that one would work, since the Animal King Turret doesn’t show up. The animatronics are still the same ones as in the game… except instead of being animatronics they’re repurposed military androids. Because I kindof needed a reason for them to want to kill a fellow robot since they wouldn’t think “endoskeleton without a suit” upon seeing Wheatley…


You are currently placed in the security booth in an old branch of the facility,” came GLaDOS’s tinny voice over an aging intercom. “It was built in the 1980s, a little before my time. According to this file, Aperture Science was still trying to work out its android robotics. They failed in the laboratories, but some brilliant scientist managed to repurpose a few of them.

“Oh! That was… that’s nice of him.” He twitched, eying the figures on the poster warily and shuddering. Feeling his casing beginning to tip, he forced himself to keep still.

The result was using them for entertainment purposes for children.

Having studied the poster for a few uncomfortable moments, he began to see how these designs might possibly appeal to small children on some level. On a very low level, and possibly to very deranged children.

They were placed in this restaurant, where they were programmed to perform musical and comedy shows for the children and adults that dined there.

“Look, sounds great—but, where do I come in, here?”

But unfortunately,” GLaDOS went on, “the androids still retained some of their previous programming.

“Unfortunately? What’s so unfortunate about that?” Wheatley pulled his face back indignantly. “I’m not bloody stuck onto you anymore, but I still have my previous programming.”

Unfortunately,”—the speakers sparked with the force of her voice—“the androids still retained some of their previous programming. Some of their military programming.

Wheatley blinked incomprehensively.

They still killed people.

“…Oh.” He was starting to see why GLaDOS wanted him to have this job.

But after the first four or five incidents, their walking functions were disabled, resulting in no unwanted murders. The unfortunate side effect was that too much immobility caused all of their servos to lock up. As a solution, they were allowed to walk around at night.

“M-makes sense… But what do I—”

Of course, they would need to be monitored closely.

“Right! Of course, can’t have a bunch of murderous robots roaming around without someone to… t-to…” His voice faltered. “A-aaaahhahah…”

Why yes, I am writing the thing.

Reblogging for those who weren’t up at some unholy hour last night. %D;;

Oh gosh why am I writing this.

OH GOSH that fic snippet got a… much better response than I expected! I guess that means I have to finish it. XD;;

For those who don’t understand what that snippet was about… I’m writing a Portal/Five Nights at Freddy’s crossover. And it’s turning out as utterly ridiculous as it sounds. %D;

It does not yet have a title… I’m thinking “Five Nights at Wheatley’s” or “Five Nights at Aperture’s” until I come up with something better. I’m open to suggestions, though!

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